The Eons, photos and rareties! The Eons, photos and rareties! The Eons The Dog's Danglers more like it! 36301765 Merlin Studio's Ooooh It's so roomy 36301766 Merlin Records Studio 36301767 Kieran The good looking one of the band 36301768 luis Gim me a B***** rest ! 36301769 Starship Enterprise Ready to take off 36301770 Profile of The Enterprise Engines ready! 36301771 There should be a law against it! Where is the captain? 36301772 They're miming! (not true) 36301773 Oliver Pybus Mad Keys 36301774 The band Warming up! 36301775 Oliver Pybus Deep & serious therapy! 36301776 Oliver twist's boogie 36301777 Luis Recording 36301778 Luis Lopez Practice makes perfect? 36301779 Luis Lopez Recording- 36301780 The Eons Live 36301781 Dave Sith se moi!! 36301782 Dave Smith 4 strings are not enough! 36301783 Merlin Recording This is the easy bit 36301784 Deanne Smile! 36301785 Deanne & Luis Rehearsing 36301786 Dave, Deanne & Luis Rehearsing 36301787 Dave Rehearsing 36301788 Luis Rehearsing 36301789 Deanne Rehearsing 36301790 The Eons Logo 36301792 Luis and Omar Too many questions Omar so little time 36301794 Pas time games Demo 2009 36301795 The mighty BD Luis' gear 36301796 Luis' hero Bonzo remembered 36301797 Print out Drum kit for paperthin students 36301798 Logo white Merlin records 36301799