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Audio Vintage

This are very old clips from the past not necessarily a representation of the bands sound today, but interesting and fun nevertheless.

This is a little example of all different mutations of this band's past. Here you got two more clips from the instrumental beginnings of the band, we hope you like them.

http://www.theeons.co.uk/12 bar r goo.mp3        http://www.theeons.co.uk/riff r goo duff.mp3

12 Bar                               Riff

Here there are two more clips from the most recent period of the band they are:

    http://www.theeons.co.uk/Waste my time.web.mp3http://www.theeons.co.uk/cramp 6 ways mast comp voc too short .mp3http://www.theeons.co.uk/ps web.mp3

           Waste my time            Cramp your style                   Oops!

Well after Dave's departure and when Jimi didn't work out, instead of hiding our heads in the sand we have a raw cut of a new tune for you, I told you good things come to those..... etc.

The track is called "With you" (ex-Riff) and is a progression from an old Kieran's idea, with the input of our lovely Deanne, we hope you like it! (you better!!)


http://www.theeons.co.uk/With you short.mp3

With you

Be aware of feisty eggs coming your way, much more than a full breakfast and much healthier!

Recorded on our first rehearsal in March, we hope you like them.

http://www.theeons.co.uk/feisty eggs.wma  http://www.theeons.co.uk/with you.wma

                            Feisty eggs                                                   With you

http://www.theeons.co.uk/waste my time.wma  http://www.theeons.co.uk/out in the tilesa.wma

                             Waste my time                                     Out on the tiles

We hope you like them, more coming right up!