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We would like to dedicate this page in a very humble and perhaps very limited way to those whom offer their time altruistically, with their actions, input, guidance, love and support making a huge difference in the lives of their communities and therefore in all of us.

Thank you and Keep on Loving!

The Eons


Oxfordshire’s forum for parents/carers of disabled children and young people

Oxfordshire Family Voices (OFV) is the forum in Oxfordshire for parents/carers of disabled children and young people.  It is funded by Together for Disabled Children on behalf of DCSF.  Under the Aiming High Agenda, the County Council, the Primary Care Trust and service providers are required to consult with parents and families in the design of services.  OFV is the forum through which these service providers consult with families.

Contact:       Sophia Nicholls


Telephone:   07768298297 



Fun with music for disabled children and young people, thier carers and siblings.

Call: 07768 298 297

(The Music Club and the OFV is not in any way responsible for any of the content in this web page/site, The Eons)