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Hello there!

 (Kieran at the controls, recording hybrid drums)

We are currently recording all our original material so watch this space, also We want to carry on playing live on a slower paste so check for forthcoming gigs, see you soon.

A lot has happened since we last spoke. We've played at showcases, a charity fair, a church and restaurant, phew! Not exactly typical venues but brilliant times had at all.

Thanks to Kat@CandleFactory and Afab Star  and all those who gave us the opportunity to play. hopefully the new year will bring more chances for you to hear the sounds of The Eons and all the new material to come.

It seemed impossible but we have solved our guitar vacancy with new comer Jack Rowe on guitar, the sound is still vintage but there is even more electricity in the air, the band sounds better than ever, we will keep you informed of imminent gigs at the gig dates page.


The Eons

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