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Deanne (Vocals)

Deanne Naula (vocals)

Deanne joined the band on the autumn of 2007, her contributions and talents are giving a new soulful direction to the band, her warm quality of voice and melodies makes the sound more versatile, and accessible to all different kind of audiences.

Kieran (Bass/Guitar)




Kieran Smith (Bass/Guitar)

Kieran is indeed the founder member of "The Eons" but was delighted to find a kindred spirit soon after with Luis Lopez.

Between both of them they have kept "The Eons" going through highs and lows. New members have joined and continue to add to the vision they have created.

www.merlinrecords.co.uk or merlinrecords@blueyonder.co.uk

Vacancy (Guitar/Bass)



Luis Drums

Luis Lopez (Drums)

Luis spends most of his time traveling the world rescuing orphaned children with Angelina Jolie


Hi there loads of material will be arriving very soon, but for the time been you can check it all at the audio page.

For loads more of info about me, my other musical activities, studio work or drumming lessons go to : yes me and only me.


See you soon